The Island That DaredTHE WAITING LAND

Publisher: Eland
Published: October 2011 (First Published:1967, John Murray)
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-9060116-59
: £12.99
Extent: 256pp

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In The Waiting Land seasoned travel writer Dervla Murphy affectionately portrays the people of Nepal’s different tribes, the customs of an ancient, complex civilization and the country’s natural grandeur and beauty.  With her special brand of Irish understatement, she delights in the unpredictability of her journey and in the surprises which make her travels in that unique country such a stirring experience.  Having settled in a village in the Pokhara Valley to work at a Tibetan refugee camp, she makes her home in a tiny, vermin-infested room over a stall in the bazaar. In diary form, she describes her various journeys by air, by bicycle and on foot into the remote and mountainous Lantang region on the border of Tibet.  Murphy’s charm and sensitivity as a writer and traveller reveal not only the vitality of an age-old civilization facing the challenge of Westernisation, but the wonder and excitement of her own remarkable adventures.

'Dervla Murphy is dashing in her insight, beautifully responsive to environment, supportive to people of most sorts, sometimes exceedingly funny and always gloriously Irish.'  Times Literary Supplement

'Dervla Murphy is gloriously uninhibited … compulsive reading.'  Irish Times

'A delightful account of an off-trail corner and an interesting commentary on the difficulties as well as the pleasures of Westerners working with the East.'  The Guardian

'Her paean to our common humanity has its sombre undertones, since the gay traveller is now an increasingly pensive one: and among all her other activities she is busy adding cubits to her stature as a writer.'  The Observer

'In spite of the absence of material comforts Miss Murphy found her work completely satisfying. She revels in bizarre experiences and strange encounters in a land where the only thing certain is that the unpredictable always happens.'
Irish Independent

'An observant eye, great physical stamina and bubbling humour.  She imparts the spell the Himalayas can cast and has sensible comments on refugee problems that can be applied universally.  A delightful book.'  Eastern Daily Press