Publisher: John Murray
Published: 2005
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0719566646
Extent: 320pp

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Through Siberia by Accident is a book about a journey that didn’t happen – and what happened instead.  Dervla Murphy found herself stymied by multiple minor injuries while still thousands of miles from her original destination, Ussuruiland in the Russian Far East.  She therefore spent the next three months amidst the vastness of Eastern Siberia, travelling by train and paddle-steamer.  Her wanderings provided many surprises and people greeted her with extraordinary hospitality.  Even today, foreign travellers are so rare in some towns that this maimed Irish Babushka was the first Western European the locals had ever met.  Yet many of them spontaneously welcomed her into their homes where she enjoyed stimulating conversations about a range of subjects from post-Soviet social problems to the unique inhabitants of Lake Baikal’s depths.

'Rather eccentric and supremely talented.'   Sunday Times

'An excellent work from the indefatigable, indomitable, incredible Irish woman who’s still traipsing around the weird and wonderful parts of the world at the age of 73.'  Daily Mail

'A great read full of verve and determination.'  Sunday Independent

'A valuable contribution to understanding the world’s bleakest inhabited region.'  TLS