John Murray

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After the fall of the Ceausescu dictatorship in 1990 Dervla Murphy spent eight important months of her life in Transylvania, immersing herself in the Roumanians’ everyday lives and culture.  Her travels by bicycle and on foot, led her through the remotest areas of the Carpathians, where she was to meet people who were still both bewildered and exhilarated by the news of the revolution, a revolution they never thought would happen. On her second visit in 1991, she discovered a significant change in the national mood.  She also experienced overwhelming hospitality, making friends from all walks of life.  Through their eyes she gained a profound insight into the hopes and fears they have for their country, a country that could be considered the least European of all.

'Transylvania and Beyond is a thought-provoking and moving account of one country’s fight to recover from the oppression of communism and one woman’s fight to understand it.'  Irish Independent

'This book of travel opens in a style which no novelist could better.' Country Life

'Dervla Murphy captures the flavour of post-Ceausescu Roumania wonderfully well.' The Times

'Perceptive about its subject, this excellent travel book incidentally reveals the indomitable character of the author.'