Publisher: Eland
Published: October 2011 (First Published:1977, John Murray)
Format: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-9060116-66
: £12.99
Extent: 272pp

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One winter, Dervla Murphy and her six-year-old daughter explored ‘Little Tibet’ high up in the Karakoram Mountains in the frozen heart of the Western Himalayas.  For three months they travelled on foot and by pony along the perilous Indus Gorge and into nearby valleys.  Even when beset by crumbling tracks over bottomless chasms, an assault by a lascivious dashniri, the unnerving melancholy of the Balts, and Rachel’s continual probing questions, this formidable traveller retained her enthusiasm for her surrounding and her sense of humour.

'Altogether the most appallingly fascinating travel book I have ever read.'  The Times

'Such is the author’s love of travelling and of this untouched wilderness that the lasting impression left by this book is one of sheer joy.'  Colin Thubron, The Sunday Telegraph

'It is her real reverence for natural beauty that gives her writing its special quality... Dervla Murphy’s books are so much more than traveller’s tales.'  The Daily Telegraph

'One of Dervla Murphy’s most considerable gifts is the ability to choose, get into, live in – and take us back to – places where the world is as it was and probably ever shall be, she is a connoisseur of lost arcadias.'  TLS

'The fascination of this book, like all the Murphy exploits, lies in the author’s gallantry, humour and resource in conditions which would appal the stoutest explorers – conditions too, in this case, surmounted by a child of six.  The story is embellished by the most glorious pen-pictures of stupendous scenery, in the Karakoram.'  The Irish Times